Esken - to ascend, climb and rise

Previously known as the Stobart Group, we wanted a name that, like us, was different, impactful and positive.

Something rooted in the qualities we’ve inherited from our past, but also focused on future success. Ambition. Interconnection. Optimism. Rising above, literally and figuratively.

To find the name that reflected this, we went on a journey into history. We discovered an ancient British word from pre-Celtic language: ‘eskenn’.

‘Eskenn’ means ‘to ascend, to climb and to rise’. It’s related to the Latin: ‘acsendo’ and the modern Welsh ’esgyn’. And crucially, there’s nothing out there like it.

To make it simpler, clearer and completely ours, we removed the final letter to arrive at ‘Esken’.

Ultimately, our expedition around the origins of English, led us to an original name connected to aviation, movement and energy. A name that aims higher and goes further.

Esken has a clear strategy to develop valuable growth assets from aviation and energy from waste. We go further; creating smarter ways to enable people and businesses to travel, connect and grow.


Our vision is to create better connections for our partners, people and communities.

Our mission is to enable people and businesses to travel, connect and grow

Our purpose is to create smarter experiences that connect the world around us.

We are always working to take care of our customers.


We take pride in our can-do attitude because service, quality and success matters.


We thrive on new ideas and new thinking to make our business better.