A robust ESG framework

Esken continues to invest in establishing a robust ESG framework to drive our contribution to sustainability across the business.

Our ESG framework will help to ensure that we continue to grow in the right way with careful management of our impacts whilst maximising the benefits our business brings.

For Esken, our approach to ESG is a journey of continuous improvement and engagement with all our stakeholders, internal and external.

In many ways, our ESG framework builds on the rigorous management processes we have already established across the business. This includes our suite of policies and guidance that our business and employees are required to follow. Where appropriate we certify management systems to external standards including the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Standard.

ESG steering group

Our delivery of the ESG framework is supported by effective governance with the Board monitoring our progress and holding us to account for delivery. We have appointed an ESG Programme Manager to help us drive our framework forward and set up an ESG Steering Group. Our steering group includes representatives from across the business and our functional experts. The ESG Steering Group is chaired by Nick Dilworth our Chief Operating Officer, and includes our Group People Director, Communications Director, Company Secretary, Group Head of Risk and Safety, Chief Executive of Stobart Energy and the Chief Executive of Stobart Aviation.

ESG policy

The ESG framework we have established will ensure we have policies in place that support us in continuing to operate as a responsible business; guide the sustainable development of our business and the regions we serve; and continue to deliver business priorities at the same time to ensure we continue to grow.

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  • 01 Jul 2020
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Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

We believe that a commitment to the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG) not only makes good business sense but also complements our Group business strategy and our corporate values.

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Materiality assessment

Esken is committed to ongoing communication regarding its ESG performance against its strategy and to providing appropriate disclosure.

To ensure we prioritise the right ESG issues, we conducted a formal materiality analysis in 2019. We plan to repeat this process at regular intervals going forward to ensure that we continue to identify and act on Priority issues.

We used the results of the materiality analysis to inform our updated ESG strategy and to help us decide on where to focus our internal resource. The results have also been used to shape our disclosure. The materiality assessment integrates with our Enterprise Risk Management process by using aligned risk criteria. The results our considered in our enterprise risk process.

Materiality matrix
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