Esken Renewables earns a “gate fee” for receiving waste wood from over 350 suppliers drawn from sectors such as the construction industry. Those suppliers need to dispose of waste wood and Esken Renewables represents a more cost-efficient and a more carbon friendly solution than sending waste wood to landfill.

Esken Renewables can store up to 100k tonnes of unprocessed waste wood at its sites located across the UK. It then processes that waste wood into biomass fuel and earns further income by supplying it to biomass plants, based on long-term contracts. Those plants use the fuel to generate renewable energy.

Its strategic processing capacity and strong customer base mean Esken Renewables processes over 10% of the UKs annual waste wood (c.4.5m MT), for which it receives a Gate Fee, and Esken Renewables procures a further 15% of the UK’s annual waste wood from 3rd party waste wood processers. The company also handles 500,000 tonnes of virgin biomass in the UK supported by its own forestry division.

Fully integrated service

Esken Renewables is uniquely positioned to deliver a market leading fully integrated customer service.

It has six strategically located waste wood processing centres across the UK. Esken Renewables has a 350 strong customer base that supplies waste wood to these processing sites, and charges gate fees to its suppliers to receive their waste wood. It then processes that waste wood to generate c1.7MT of biomass fuel. This fuel is supplied to dedicated biomass plants utilising its fleet of 145 vehicles.

Why invest

Waste wood

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Of the UKs waste wood is processed or procured


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Tonnes of virgin biomass handled


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Tonnes of storage capacity at our six waste wood processing centres

Customer base


350 strong customer base that supplies waste wood to our processing sites


A significant player in the UK’s low carbon economy

Esken Renewables is a significant player in the UK’s low carbon economy, which could grow by an estimated 11% per year between 2015 and 2030.

That's four times faster than the rest of the economy – and could deliver between £60 billion and £170 billion of export sales of goods and services by 2030.


Playing a vital role

It plays a major role in the UK’s circular economy. It processes or procures over a quarter of the UK’s annual waste wood (1.2m MT out c. 4.5m MT p.a.).

It is therefore set to play a major role in the Government’s targets to eliminate all biodegradable waste from landfill by 2030. These targets are laid out in The Government’s “Our Waste, Our Resources: a strategy for England” document which identifies growth in energy from waste as vital to reaching this target.


Helping the UK reach net zero

Esken Renewables will be vital if the UK is to reach its Net Zero 2050 targets. By diverting waste wood from landfill and using it for energy generation.

In 2019 Esken Renewables helped the UK to avoid about 480,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. If you were to avoid that amount of carbon by protecting trees, you would have to protect around 22 million trees, equivalent to the size of over 9,000 football pitches.

Supporting sustainable UK forestry

Esken Renewables' Forestry Division works with the Forestry Commission to increase the amount of UK woodland that is actively managed.

It does this through operational plans that meet UK Forestry Standards (UKFS). By doing this and by working in partnership with its supply chain, it can ensure FSC / PEFC certification wherever possible. Esken Renewables also works to guarantee that commercial forestry resources used in energy recovery across its portfolio are utilised as appropriately and sustainably as possible, with a focus on sourcing forestry bi-products and waste residues.